Chapters 1-6 Self-test questions

The answers to these questions can be found in the book, by referring to the cited chapter and section.

1. What do the following terms mean:

  1. Puisne judges
  2. L.JJ (after a set of names)
  3. J.S.C?

Reference: Section 1.7.3

2. What do the following abbreviations refer to:

  1. WLR
  2. All ER
  4. QB
  5. UKPC?

Reference: Section 2.3

3. What does the citation "[2003] EWCA (Civ) 20 at [13]" refer to?

Reference: Section 2.4.2

4. What does the citation "3 & 4 EDW 6 c.33 s.3" mean?

Reference: Section 2.5.1

5. What does "S.I. 1975/546" mean?

Reference: Section 2.5.3

6. What are LexisLibrary, WestLaw, and Lawtel?

Reference: Section 2.6.1

7. What is meant by the "Long Title" and "Short Title" to an Act?

Reference: Section 3.1.2

8. How do you find out the date an Act became law?

Reference: Section 3.1.2

9. What does "cur adv. vult" mean?

Reference: Section 3.2.1

10. When is the Supreme Court/House of Lords bound by its own decisions?

Reference: Section 6.4.1

11. What case set out the basic rules regarding the Court of Appeal being able to depart from its own authority?

Reference: Section 6.4.3