The author has recorded a series of podcasts to help you understand the key areas of Family Law. Click on the links in bold, below, to save each audio podcast and accompanying transcrpt. Alternatively, you can download all of the files together by clicking on the link to a zip file containing all of the podcasts and transcripts [30 MB].

Family Justice Review (Duration: 5:25, 5MB)   This podcast deals with the Family Justice Review and the final report that was published in November 2011. Please note that at 4:00 in the audio the date given should be March 2015 not March 2013.


Divorce Procedure (Duration: 6:30, 6MB)   This podcast gives an overview of divorce procedure. This is relevant to Chapter 8 of your textbook.


Orders for the Family Home (Duration: 9:23, 9MB)   Orders for the family home are really important in financial proceedings as the family home is often the largest asset available. This podcast gives an overview of the orders available. This is relevant to Chapter 12 of your textbook.


Parental Responsibility (Duration: 6:09, 6MB)   This podcast is an interview between solicitor and client and focuses on the concept of parental responsibility, the effect of parental responsibility, and how an unmarried father can acquire PR. This is relevant to Chapter 25 of your textbook.


Occupation Orders (Duration: 6:35, 6MB)   This podcast gives an overview of which sections of the Family Law Act 1996 to use to apply for an occupation order. This is relevant to Chapter 34 of your textbook.

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