Marxist Sociology blog with reading resources on Marxist literature and links to further research and writing on global politics from Marxist perspectives.

A blog from Sussex University about the ways that capitalism shapes culture, from an anthropological perspective.


The video, Manifestoon is a digitized excerpt from the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, illustrated by Jessie Drew.


Dorries, Heather, Hugill, David and Julie Tomiak (2019) Racial Capitalism and the production of settler colonial cities. Geoforum in press: Article about the intersections between capitalism, racial ideology, and settler colonialism with a focus on urban centres in Canada.

Hall, Stuart (1979) The Great Moving Right Show. Marxism Today January. Available online: Article by Marxist cultural studies theorist, Stuart Hall, about the rise of a right-wing political movement in Britain in the late 1970s, suggesting that its apparent success in interpellating people to a particular vision of capitalism illustrated how ideological transformations worked on existing practices and structures of capital and power.

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