Goldberg, David Theo (2009) The Threat of Race: Reflections on Racial Neoliberalism. Malden, Oxford, and Victoria: Wiley-Blackwell. Book by a theorist of the racial state about how race operates through neoliberal capitalism today, using various geographical sites as case studies.

Mason, Paul (2015) Postcapitalism. London: Penguin Books. A book arguing that the conditions for a post-capitalist economy are being created through advancements in technology.

Piketty, Thomas (2014) Capital in the Twenty First Century. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. An overview of economic patterns from the past 200 years that suggests Marx’s predictions of mass inequalities were overstated but that the post Second World War optimism about the welfare state also misdiagnosed the workings of capital.

Robinson, Cedric (2021) Black Marxism and the Making of the Black Radical Tradition. Penguin Classics. Influential text about the racialized nature of capitalism, arguing that capitalism is always already racial because it relies on the kind of inequalities created through racial difference and hierarchy.

Shah, Alpa (2019) Nightmarch: Among India’s Revolutionary Guerrillas. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Ethnographic account of indigenous people’s struggle against the Indian state and their relations with the Naxalite communist rebels.

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