Ahmed, Sara (2007) A phenomenology of whiteness. Feminist Theory 8(2): 149-168. A paper about the legacies of colonialism for lived experiences of racialized people positioned outside a normative centre of whiteness.

Erakat, Noura (2016) The Nakba and Anti-Blackness. Jadaliyya. 19 May: Article by Palestinian legal scholar on the intersections of the dispossession and racialization of indigenous Palestinians and the racialization directed towards racialized Jewish citizens, including those of Arab and Ethiopian heritage, and recently arrived African migrants seeking asylum in Israel.


Talk by historian Ilan Pappè in Switzerland explaining the events and consequences of the Palestinian Nakba.


Website for Zochrot, an Israeli organization that works to spread awareness of the Nakba in Israeli society. The website contains information on villages and properties destroyed during the 1948 war and on walking tours in the ruins of these sites.

Website for B’Tselem, a human rights organization based in Israel that documents abuses by military forces in the West Bank. The website presents news and alerts about recent cases of military violence against Palestinian inhabitants of the territories.

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