The Libertarian Ideology of Bitcoin – a podcast with David Golumbia on the libertarian ideological background to Bitcoin.


“The Digital Currency Revolution,” 2020 interview with Prof David Birch on why digital currency is the best option for states and private companies going forward.


Wade, RH (2011) Emerging world order? From multipolarity to multilateralism in the G20, the World Bank, and the IMF. Politics & society 39(3): 347-378. An article outlining how, despite the world shifting to become multipolar rather than unipolar, the G7, against fears of its fall from power, continues to assume a prominent place along with the US within power structures of international politics.

Walt, SM (2011) The End of the American Era. The National Interest 116: 6-16. An article arguing that the era of American hegemony has ended, but that the US government ought to focus more on domestic matters than on spreading American influence in faraway parts of the world.

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