Anghie, Antony (2006) The evolution of international law: Colonial and postcolonial realities. Third World Quarterly 27(5): 739-753. An article giving an account of international law through the history of imperialism, arguing that colonialism has always underpinned the discipline in a general sense, and in particular the category of sovereignty as one of its key concepts.

Chimni, B. S. (2007) The Past, Present and Future of International Law: A Critical Third World Approach. Melbourne Journal of International Law 8(2): 499-515. An article tracing the historical development of international law from a Third World perspective in order to imagine a new international legal platform that supports subaltern classes globally.

Slaughter, Anne-Marie and Alvarez, Jose E. (2000) A Liberal Theory of International Law. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting (American Society of International Law) 94(5-8): 240-253. An article arguing that liberal International Relations theory explains the significance of law for the international order.


Lecture by Antony Anghie drawing on Third World Approaches to International Law to make the claim that international law is imbricated with colonialism.


A blogpost by Fuad Zarbiyev about the role of international law in reproducing hierarchies of power and resources.

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