Entry by Richard Bernstein about violence on a website devoted to explicating key political concepts.

Podcast: “How institutionalized racism shapes health in the 21st century” with Anne Pollock, author of Sickening: Anti-Black Racism and Health Disparities in the United States.


Documentary series, Once Upon a Time in Iraq, about the invasion of Iraq told from the perspective of civilians who were the direct victims of violence from 2003, and soldiers and journalists who participated in or witnessed this violence.


Zehfuss, Maja (2009) Hierarchies of Grief and the Possibility of War: Remembering UK Fatalities in Iraq. Millennium: Journal of International Studies 38(2): 419-440 The article builds on Judith Butler’s arguments about grievability, illustrating how some lives can grieved in a way that others cannot through an investigation of how British military troops sent to Iraq were commemorated.

Zehfuss, Maja (2007) Subjectivity and Vulnerability: On the War with Iraq. International Politics 44: 58–71. Article focusing on the Iraq War, drawing on Judith Butler’s critique of ethical violence to develop the political ramifications of ethical speech. It argues that the war cannot be challenged with logic, suggesting that arguments produce what they purport to only name.

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