Kalayaan Justice for Migrant Domestic Workers is an NGO advocating for rights for this group and offering practical support.

A website raising awareness about the exploitation conditions that migrant domestic workers face that provides a platform for sharing migrants’ stories, distributing information, and community building.

A website for an organization aiming to stop practices of slavery around the world that works on the issue of rights for migrant domestic workers.


Kimberly Hutchings (2000) Towards a feminist international ethics. Review of International Studies 26(5): 111-130. An article which makes the case that ethics cannot be disarticulated from politics and that feminist forms of theorizing play an important role in expanding the idea that ethics, rather than being broadly universal, is bound up with structures and particular expressions of power.

Vivienne Jabri (2004) Feminist Ethics and Hegemonic Global Politics. Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 29(3): 265-284. This article argues that feminist theories within international politics are distinctly political and make important contribution to ethics and political theorizing through providing platforms for dissent.

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