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Frost, Mervyn (1996) Ethics in International Relations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. This book investigates the salience of normative theory for international relations, arguing that the discipline has overlooked the important role of ethics for global politics.

Hutchings, Kimberly (2010) Global Ethics: An Introduction. Cambridge: Polity. An introductory text on global ethics covering subjects such as the ethics of war, the War on Terror, the foundations of moral claims and the impacts of globalization on the positions taken by moral actors.

Odysseos, Louiza (2003) On the Way to Global Ethics? Cosmopolitanism, ‘Ethical’ Selfhood and Otherness. European Journal of Political Theory 2(2): 183-207. An article that traces the cosmopolitan argument in favour of going beyond communalism but critiques the cosmopolitan dependence on tools like human rights, arguing that human rights do not always produce an ethics of inclusion.

Robinson, Fiona (1997) Globalizing Care: Ethics, Feminist Theory, and International Relations. Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 22(1): 113-133. An article that attempts to reimagine the field of ethics and IR from the perspective of an ‘ethic of care’.

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