WatchTheMed Alarm Phone, an online resource to map and trace rights violations by border police and deaths at sea among migrants seeking to cross the Mediterranean to reach the EU.

An alarm number designed as a supportive tool for migrants facing difficulties at sea to call which can aid rescue operations.

“Every refugee boat a rebellion? Supporting border transgressions at sea”. Article on openDemocracy by Maurice Stierl explaining the function of WatchTheMed Alarm Phone in attempting to help migrants who are risking their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean have their voices heard.


Leiden University - Faculty of Humanities lecture explaining Michel Foucault’s theorization of power.

Journal articles

Moulin, Carolina and Nyers, Peter (2007) ‘‘We Live in a Country of UNHCR’’—Refugee Protests and Global Political Society. International Political Sociology 1: 356–372. Article discussing resistance among refugees in Cairo as constituting a form of subject making and as subverting the normative ideas around political legitimacy.

Oliveri, Federico (2012) Migrants as activist citizens in Italy: understanding the new cycle of struggles. Citizenship Studies 16(5-6): 793-806. Article analyzing migrants’ struggles for labour rights in Italy as demonstrating new ways of contesting neoliberalism and the established boundaries around political community.

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