This blog contains links to themes and issues related to the Black Lives Matter movement. The Birmingham Business School Blog post, Black Lives Matter: A movement or a moment?, discusses the significance of the BLM movement in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

Videos This video, “Hannah Arendt’s Theory of Freedom: What It is and Why It Matters,” from Durham University, provides a video presentation that conveys the ongoing significance of Arendt’s theory of politics for the contemporary world. This is an interview with scholar and activist Angela Davis on Al Jazeera English, in which she explains the rationale behind the argument for police and prison abolition. This blogpost by University of Bristol Society and Space, titled “Thinking with Rancière: the dissensual politics of Extinction Rebellion”, is a useful text for understanding the approach to disruption as applied to real-world events.

Journal articles

Cane, Lucy (2015) Hannah Arendt on the Principles of Political Action. European Journal of Political Theory 14(1): 55-75. Examines Arendt’s understanding of principles to develop an account of her political ethics.

Wiley, James (2006) Sheldon Wolin on Theory and the Political. Polity 38(2): 211-234. Takes a critical perspective on Wolin’s approach to democracy and examines the relationship between the political and theory in his work.

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