Chapter 16: International human rights law

Chapter 16: International human rights law

A video tutorial from author Gleider Hernández introducing the topics in chapter 16 of International Law

Video titled: Chapter 16: International human rights law

Key points for reflection:

  • International law’s constant struggle to encompass intra-State matters
  • League of Nations: primarily minority protection/labour rights
  • United Nations Charter, Art. 1 and Art. 55, containing vague but empowering language
    • Emergence of ‘hard’ law: the Covenants, regional conventions, and specific human rights conventions
    • Focus on the process and institutions that contribute to human rights protection internationally
    • Different methods used to secure human rights protection than other treaty obligations in international law
    • Human rights protection extends beyond the treaty framework and includes much on background conditions in States
  • Refugees, migrants, IDPs: From Refugee Convention to Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration?

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