Chapter 15: Law of armed conflict

Chapter 15: Law of armed conflict

A video tutorial from author Gleider Hernández introducing the topics in chapter 15 of International Law

Video titled: Chapter 15: Law of armed conflict

Key points for reflection:

  • Given prevalence of armed conflicts throughout history, law of armed conflict (LOAC) emerged to manage such conflicts and the violence engendered by them
  • As technology become more deadly, the use of law to restrict—but not prohibit—such violence became widespread. Hague Conventions, 1899-1914: sought to prohibit certain weapons
  • Geneva Conventions, 1949-: sought to regulate conduct and protect certain categories of persons more extensively
    • Scope of Application: characterising/classifying armed conflicts
    • Actors in IHL: combatants, mercenaries, child soldiers
    • Conduct of Hostilities: rules of engagement, military necessity, regulation of permissible weapons
    • Protection of victims: wounded/sick, prisoners of war, civilians
    • Conduct of hostilities: difficulties in classification,  internationalisation, ‘mixed’ conflicts

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