Victims of Crime

Domestic violence affects many different types of victims. Typically, women and children are the most likely victims of domestic violence, but there is another category of victims that we normally do not associate with domestic violence. Elderly individuals are often victimized by caregivers who assault those under their care. In this video, a doctor who is an expert on injuries to the elderly talks about what he looks for when he suspects elder abuse. Although one third of all elderly people are likely to fall and hurt themselves, medical experts must be vigilant to the patterns of bruising that may indicate elder abuse.

Video titled: Chapter 3 Focus on Ethics Videos

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1. How serious is the problem of elderly individuals falling and hurting themselves?

2. What clues do doctors look for that might suggest elder abuse?

3. What types of bruises or injuries might indicate elder abuse?

4. Why are the elderly so susceptible to abuse by family members or caregivers?