Terrorism and Hate Crime

One of the challenges that U.S. law enforcement agencies face is getting police officers to understand and appreciate how individuals from other cultures are confronted not only with crime, but also the reaction of the criminal justice system. It is important that criminal justice officials appreciate how differences in dress and religious worship are fundamental rights of people from other cultures and that these rights must be respected and protected. This U.S. Department of Justice video covers a training program that focuses on Muslim and Sikh communities in the Midwest.

Video titled: Chapter 13 Focus on Ethics Videos

Video source: https://www.justice.gov/crs/video/engaging-and-building-partnerships-muslim-and-sikh-americans

1. Why was the Community Relations Training program established?

2. What is the purpose of the training program in the video?

3. Why are programs that focus on other cultures important to U.S. law enforcement officials?

4. How are other cultures allowed to maintain their identity while being integrated into U.S. society?