A motion for _____ requests that a defendant charged with several criminal offenses be tried separately on all or some of the charges.

The _____ allows judges limited discretion to depart from the guidelines.

The _____ may be compiled from voter registration records, driver’s license lists, and utility customer lists.

The defense attorney may _____ the witness after the prosecution’s questioning.

Both real evidence and testimony may be called _____ evidence.

The U.S. Supreme Court held in ____ that the Fifth Amendment grand jury clause does not apply to the states nor does it violate the Fourteenth Amendment due process clause. Thus, the states are not required to use grand juries although nearly all of them do.

A(n) _____ is when a defendant is able to claim that he or she was elsewhere during the commission of a crime.

By pleading _____, the defendant waives the right to a jury trial and is sentenced as if there were a determination of guilt.

In _____, the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged that plea bargaining was essential to the criminal justice system because providing a trial for every criminal defendant would overwhelm the court system.

In _____, the Supreme Court established that the use of peremptory challenges to racially manipulate a jury violates the defendant’s right to an impartial jury.