_____ is believed to be an occupational hazard for police officers.

In _____, the Supreme Court ruled that deadly force may only be used if a suspect is a threat to the lives of police officers and/or bystanders.

_____ involves having citizens help solve crime problems in their communities.

In 1972, the Knapp commission released its report on _____ police corruption.

The original intent of the _____ Act was to end the use of federal troops to monitor state elections in the former Confederate states.

Traditionally, there have been major distinctions between the roles of the police and those of the _____.

Most police officers are not required to use any _____ at all in their everyday duties.

Police departments have traditionally struggled with controlling their officers’ _____.

Police _____ often has the unintended consequences of alienating people from their own police.

The impetus for the increased militarization of policing was the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. The resulting _____ Act radically changed the environment in which police officers operated.