Peruse the following descriptions of federal criminal justice-–related agencies, programs, and bureaus and find the matching organization in the list. Hint: Use the web addresses in the list to check the agencies’ websites.

Part of the National Institute of Justice, I offer support, research findings, and technological expertise to help state and local law enforcement and corrections personnel perform their duties more safely and efficiently.

I promote public safety and strive for justice and fairness in the release and supervision of offenders under my jurisdiction. My guiding principle is to apply the least restrictive sanction that is consistent with public safety and the appropriate punishment of the offense. In making my determinations, I consider information from a variety of sources, including the pre-sentence report, victim of the offense, sentencing judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, prison officials, and offender. I have jurisdiction over federal offenders, D.C. code offenders, Uniform Code of Military Justice offenders, transfer-treaty cases, and state probationers and parolees in the Federal Witness Protection Program.

I am a Department of Education office that allocates funds to states through the Workplace and Community Transition Training for Incarcerated Individuals grant program.

Community Oriented Policing Services

Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

Drug Enforcement Administration

Office for Victims of Crime

Office of National Drug Control Policy

Office on Violence Against Women

U.S. Sentencing Commission