Peruse the following descriptions of federal criminal justice-–related agencies, programs, and bureaus and find the matching organization in the list. Hint: Use the web addresses in the list to check the agencies’ websites.

I am a component of the Department of Homeland Security that provides training, funds for the purchase of equipment, support for the planning and execution of exercises, technical assistance, and other support to assist states and local jurisdictions to prevent, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism.

Formerly part of the Treasury Department, I am now a Department of Homeland Security agency that carries out two significant missions: protection and criminal investigations. I protect the president and vice president, their families, heads of state, and other designated individuals; investigate threats against these protectees; and protect the White House, vice president’s residence, foreign missions, and other buildings within Washington, DC. I also investigate violations of laws relating to counterfeiting of obligations and securities of the United States and financial crimes that include access device fraud, financial institution fraud, identity theft, computer fraud, and computer-based attacks on the U.S. financial, banking, and telecommunications infrastructure.

I am an Immigration and Customs Enforcement police agency that provides law enforcement and security services to the tenants and daily visitors to all federally owned and leased facilities. I focus on the interior security of the nation and the reduction of crimes and potential threats to federal facilities throughout the nation.

Community Oriented Policing Services

Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

Drug Enforcement Administration

Office for Victims of Crime

Office of National Drug Control Policy

Office on Violence Against Women

U.S. Sentencing Commission