Schematic of Article 263 TFEU

Article 263 is illustrated as moving through four steps. 1. Admissibility consists of four elements. The act challenged. The responsible institution or institutions. Time limit. The Locus standi of the applicant. 2. There are three categories of applicant. Privileged, semi-privileged, non-privileged. 3. Non-privileged applicants have three possibilities to gain locus standing. An act addressed to them. An act addressed to another of direct and individual concern, which required bot direct and individual to be addressed. And, a regulatory act of direct concern and no implementing measure, which requires the following. Regulatory act to be defined, meaning of direct, and meaning of no implementing measure. 4. If successful, there are four grounds of review. Lack of competence. Infringement of an essential procedural requirement. Infringement of a Treaty or any rule of law. Misuse of powers.