Chapter 11 Practice essay question

Chapter 11 Question

What lessons, if any, can the EU institutions and the member states learn from Brexit?

How would you change things, including, if you considered necessary, Treaty Amendments?

Attempt this question before reading the answer guidance below.



Answer guide

As Brexit is a new topic, this is a very open question and answer, and should really only be tackled if you feel very confident you can provide a good answer.

Start with an explanation of Brexit and the process which must focus heavily on Art 50 TEU. A clear explanation of that article and the process outlined by it must be provided. Outline what, if any, in your view were difficulties with that process. Some suggestions are: too many parties involved; no fixed time limit; no clarity on when Art 50 should be triggered or on the revocation of Art 50; no certainty of outcome or whether a deal for the future can be struck first before departure. Whether you suggest amendments would depend on your view on these and other elements you may consider relevant. Perhaps amendments to clarify the time limits and revocation might help, or a cooling off period. In view of the close result in the UK, might the member states have been advised to require special majorities in any referenda on withdrawal? Are there problems with this?

As advised, this is an open question but does leave you free to provide original input of your own.