Chapter 27 Student Reading Guide

Christians and Christians: James, the Didache, Polycarp, 1 Clement, Jude, and 2 Peter

1. How is Christ portrayed as superior to the Jewish religion in the bookof Hebrews? What are the two ways that the author uses the Jewish Scriptures to show Jesus’ superiority? Why does the author want to stress to his readers Jesus’ superiority?

2. How does Barnabas understand the Jewish Scriptures? What does its author think of the Jewish religion? How does he use a figurative approach to interpret the Bible, and how does this approach help him to justify his views about Judaism?

3. In your opinion, should either Hebrews or Barnabas be thought of as anti-Semitic? How, when, and why did strong anti-Jewish sentiments arise in early Christianity? Does it seem ironic to you that a religion that began as Jewish should so quickly become anti-Jewish?

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