Chapter 23 Student Reading Guide

In the Wake of the Apostle: The Deutero-Pauline and Pastoral Epistles

1. What are the major themes that Paul develops through Romans 1–8? According to these chapters, why do people need to be justified before God, how does God bring justification, and how does the Jewish Law figure into this act of justification?

2. In Romans 9–11, why do you suppose Paul is so intent on showing that God did not go back on his promises to Israel when he brought salvation to the Gentiles? In Paul’s opinion, where did the people of Israel go wrong in their relationship with God? What good thing, in Paul’s judgment, can come of Israel’s rejection of God’s salvation in Christ?

3. Why should believers in Christ behave ethically, loving one another and “fulfilling” the Law, if salvation comes completely apart from the Law?

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