Chapter 22 Student Reading Guide

Does the Tradition Miscarry? Paul in Relation to Jesus, James, Thecla, and Theudas

1. The following are the questions you should ask yourself for every Pauline epistle you read:

      A.    What is the occasion of the letter?

      B.     How did the church (or Paul’s contact with these people) begin?

      C.     What can we say about the makeup of the church (i.e., what kind of people were in it? Were they Jew, Gentile,rich,poor,well educated,uneducated, etc.)?

      D.    What problems have arisen since Paul left the community (i.e., what is the context of each letter)?

      E.     What does Paul say to resolve those problems (i.e., what are the overarching themes of each letter)?

In particular, be able to answer these questions about the Corinthian correspondence and Galatians.

2. How does Paul’s insistence that Christians live in “love” relate to the use of spiritual gifts in the church (1 Cor 12–14)? How does it relate to the question of whether it was right to eat food offered to idols?

3. What led to the conflict of Paul with his opponents in Galatia? What is the view of the Jewish Law that he maps out for his converts in Galatia?

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