Type of research in which the researcher actively takes part in the group or setting under study.

Usually selected because of their knowledge or status within the group or community.

Type of field research which emphasizes the researcher’s role as a scientific observer.

To gain access to a group or setting, a field researcher may have to obtain their permission.

Broad opening question in in-depth interviews.

Vasquez used this type of question to get richer and more detailed information than conveyed in a short answer.

A detailed record of field observations.

A method of in-depth interviewing in which the researcher assumes the role of moderator.

May present serious ethical problems when the setting is private.

An example is Valdez’s account of how her Latina identity facilitated recruitment and rapport with her interviewees.

A field researcher’s primary means of recording observations while in the observational setting.

The qualitative counterpart of an interview schedule in survey research.