This is an example: “Did you file federal and state income tax returns last year?”

This survey mode takes the least time but also requires the simplest questions.

Automates data collection by prompting introductions to questions, skipping irrelevant questions, and entering data directly into a computer file.

A measure of survey quality that tends to be highest in face-to-face interview studies.

The most common survey design.

Traces changes over time by repeatedly asking questions of the same individuals.

Traces changes over time by asking questions of independent samples of the same target population.

May be used to reach different sets of respondents or to ask different types of questions.

This is an example: “Are you concerned with the growing menace of military-style, semi-automatic assault weapons?”

The most costly survey mode.

This type of question has a fixed set of response alternatives.

In this type of interview, interviewers are not supposed to deviate from question order or wording.