Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 7 Outline

Sexual Relationships Are Motivated by Many Factors

Demographic Factors Affect Sexual Attitudes

Box 7.1 Who May Marry?

Casual Sex Has More Appeal to Men than to Women 

Hooking up—the new norm?
Box 7.2 Straight Women, Gay Sex
The hookup culture—some like it, some loathe it
Casual sex is more accepted in the gay male community
Negotiating sex involves flirting

Non-Cohabiting Relationships Are Often Short-Lived

Long-distance relationships can be very successful
Same-sex relationships have their own scripts
Non-cohabiting relationships may evolve rapidly

Love Cements Many Sexual Relationships

There are different kinds of love
Liking and reciprocal attraction precede falling in love
Researchers are probing the biological basis of love

Life Experiences Mold Our Sexual Relationships

Relationship styles are influenced by childhood attachments
Couples in relationships resemble each other

Communication Is a Key Factor in the Success of Relationships

Communication may be inhibited by upbringing or by the gender barrier
Marriage and relationship education teaches communication skills
How couples deal with conflict affects the stability of their relationships
In sexual relationships, sex matters
Box 7.3 Lasting Relationships: Gottman’s Seven Principles

Love, Jealousy, and Infidelity Are Intertwined

Jealousy can have a positive function

Unrequited Love Is Painful for Both Parties

The rejector may experience guilt

Extra-Pair Relationships Have Many Styles and Motivations

Personal and evolutionary factors influence infidelity
Box 7.4 We Just Clicked
Extra-pair relationships are uncommon