Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 6 Outline

People Derive Pleasure from Diverse Sexual Behaviors 

Masturbation Is a Very Common Form of Sexual Expression 

Negative attitudes toward masturbation are still prevalent
Box 6.1 Sex and Happiness
Several demographic factors influence masturbation
Women use more diverse techniques of masturbation than men
Gay people masturbate more than heterosexuals

The Kiss Represents True Love—Sometimes

Sexual Touching Takes Many Forms

Oral Sex Is Increasingly Popular

Fellatio is oral stimulation of the penis
Cunnilingus is oral stimulation of the vulva

Most Male-Female Sex Includes Coitus

Coitus can be performed in many different positions
Box 6.2 Progress in Coitus Research
The man-above position is a traditional favorite
The 1970s women’s movement encouraged alternative positions

Anal Sex May Be a Part of Either Opposite-sex or Male Same-sex Behavior

Men and Women May Have Different Preferences for Sexual Encounters

Sex Toys Are Used to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Sex May Be in Groups

Box 6.3 What Is “Great Sex”?

Sexual Behavior and Attitudes Vary Across Cultures

The Kama Sutra is the classic work on how to make love
Taoists recommended the avoidance of ejaculation
The Aka emphasize the importance of frequent sex
Box 6.4 Dry Sex

Many Disabled People Have Active Sex Lives

Many intellectually disabled people are competent to make sexual choices
Spinal cord injuries present a major challenge to sexual expression
Arthritis is the number one disability affecting sex

People Are Having Less Partnered Sex