Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 5 Outline

Sexual Attraction: It Takes Two

Beauty is not entirely in the eye of the beholder
Culture influences the attractiveness of bodies
Box 5.1 Culture and Body Weight
Attractiveness involves senses besides vision
Behavior and personality influence sexual attractiveness
Familiarity may increase or decrease attraction
Perceived attractiveness varies around the menstrual cycle
Asexual women and men do not experience sexual attraction

Sexual Arousal Has Multiple Roots

Fantasy is a common mode of sexual arousal
Arousal occurs in response to a partner
Gonadal steroid hormones influence sexual arousability
Conditioning may influence arousal

Sexual Arousal Follows a Response Cycle

Box 5.2 Aphrodisiacs and Drugs
In the excitement phase, genital responses begin
In the plateau phase, arousal is maintained
Orgasm is the climax of sexual arousal
Box 5.3 Female Ejaculation
Brain imaging suggests where orgasm may be experienced
Box 5.4 Foot Orgasms
In the resolution phase, arousal subsides
The phases may be linked in different ways
Men experience a refractory period
Pituitary hormones influence the sexual response cycle
The Masters and Johnson cycle may be incomplete