Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 2 Outline

The Whole Body Is an Erogenous Zone

A Woman’s Vulva Includes Her Mons, Labia, Vaginal Opening, and Clitoris

There is more to the clitoris than meets the eye
Box 2.1 Pubic Hair Removal
The appearance of the vaginal opening is variable
Box 2.2 Female Genital Cutting

The Vagina Is the Outermost Portion of the Female Reproductive Tract

The vagina undergoes changes during arousal
The G-spot is a controversial erogenous zone
Box 2.3 Genital Self-Examination

The Anus Can Also Be a Sex Organ

The Uterus Serves a Double Duty

Cancer can affect the cervix or the endometrium
Other uterine conditions include fibroids, endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, and prolapse
Should hysterectomy be so common?

The Oviducts Are the Site of Fertilization

The Ovaries Produce Ova and Sex Hormones

Box 2.4 The Feedback Loop That Controls Female Hormone Production

Menstruation Is a Biological Process with Cultural and Practical Aspects

The menstrual cycle has three phases
The cycle is driven by hormonal changes
Does the menstrual cycle influence sexuality?
Attitudes toward menstruation vary
Women use pads, tampons, or cups during menstruation
Box 2.5 Where Tampons Aren’t an Option

Menstrual Problems Are Common but Treatable

Menstrual pain may or may not reflect underlying pelvic disease
Premenstrual syndrome has physical and psychological aspects
Menstruation stops during pregnancy—and for other reasons
Sex steroids affect more than the reproductive tract

The Breasts Have Both Erotic and Reproductive Significance

Breast Cancer Mortality Can Be Reduced

Many factors affect the risk of breast cancer
Clinical breast exams save lives
Treatment depends on the diagnostic findings and the woman’s choice