Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 17 Outline

Sex Is an Industry

Prostitution Is on the Decline

Historically, prostitution was viewed as a necessary evil
There are moral and practical reasons for the decline

There Is a Hierarchy of Prostitution

Street prostitution has many risks
Box 17.1 The Economics of Prostitution
Female, male, and transgender streetwalkers have different experiences
Some prostitutes work out of massage parlors and strip clubs
Escort services are the main form of prostitution in the United States
Many prostitutes work for pimps
Box 17.2 Sugaring
Men who use escorts have liberal attitudes
Some women use male prostitutes
Juvenile prostitution is of special concern
Box 17.3 Juvenile Prostitutes in Portland, Oregon
Sex trafficking is a global business

There Are Conflicting Views on Prostitution

There are several options for legal reform

There Is More to Sex Work than Prostitution

Stripping is going mainstream
Phone sex has diversified

Pornography Has Always Been Part of Human Culture

Pornography has battled censorship
New technologies mean new kinds of pornography
Box 17.4 What’s It Like to Be a Porn Star?
There is some pornography for women

There Are Conflicting Perspectives on the Value or Harm of Pornography

Research has not resolved the question of pornography’s effects

Sex Is Part of the Mass Media

Sex sells, sometimes