Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 16 Outline

What Is Sexual Assault?

Young women are the most frequent victims
Most sexual assaults are not reported
Box 16.1 It Happened to Me

Sexual Assaults in College Are Becoming Less Common

Many sexual assaults are committed by college athletes
Colleges must balance the rights of the accuser and the accused
The number one “date rape drug” is alcohol

Sexual Assault Can Have Severe Effects on the Victim

Box 16.2 Reducing the Risk of Sexual Assault
Services are available for rape victims
Rape can inflict long-lasting harm 
Box 16.3 Ten Ways Men Can Prevent Sexual Violence
Male victims have special concerns
LGBT people are at high risk

Rape Laws Have Become More Protective of Victims

Reforms began in the 1970s
What happens to men who rape?
Repeat offending is common

Why Do Men Rape?

Rape may have evolutionary roots
Some characteristics distinguish rapists from nonrapists
Social forces influence the likelihood of rape
Box 16.4 Rape and War

Intervention Programs Are of Uncertain Value

Intimate Partner Violence Is a Crime with Many Names

Intimate partner violence follows an escalating cycle
Breaking up is hard to do
Help is available

Sexual Harassment Occurs in Many Environments

There are two kinds of workplace sexual harassment
Sexual harassment often begins early
Box 16.5 The Superstar Harasser
Sexual harassment harms its victims
Victims of sexual harassment can take steps to end it 
There Are Three Kinds of Stalkers