Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 14 Outline

Sexual Disorders Are Common

A multidisciplinary approach to treatment is preferred
Box 14.1 Sensate Focus

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Involves Insufficient Genital Response

There Are Many Reasons for Sexual Pain in Women

Box 14.2 Dyspareunia: A Case History
Vaginismus may make intercourse impossible

Difficulty in Reaching Orgasm Is Common among Women

Psychotherapy and directed masturbation may be helpful
Box 14.3 Kegel Exercises
Faked orgasms offer a questionable solution

Lack of Interest in Sex Is Not Necessarily a Problem

Estrogen or androgen treatment may improve sexual desire in women
Sex therapy may be helpful for low sexual desire in women
Alternative views on women’s response cycles may influence treatment options

Premature Ejaculation Is Men’s Number One Sex Problem

There are different kinds of premature ejaculation
Sex therapy helps some men
Drug treatment may be effective

Delayed Ejaculation Is Not Well Understood

Erectile Disorder Has Many Causes and Treatments

Erectile disorder can have physical or psychological causes
Simple measures may alleviate the problem
Psychological treatments may be useful
PDE5 inhibitors have become the leading treatments
Erectile disorder can be treated with devices and implants

Men May Have Little Interest in Sex

Sexual Pain Is Uncommon in Men

Too Much Interest in Sex Can Cause Problems

Treatment depends on theoretical models
LGBT People Have Special Concerns