Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 13 Outline

Sexual Variety Is the Spice of Life

Sadomasochism involves the infliction or receipt of pain or degradation
Most fetishes are related to the body
Box 13.1 In the Dungeon
People cross-dress for a variety of reasons
Box 13.2 Crush Fetishes
Box 13.3 Rubber Fetishism and the Internet
Some men are aroused by trans women
Adult babies reenact infancy
Furries wear animal costumes

Paraphilic Disorders Cause Distress or Harm Others

Exhibitionists expose themselves to nonconsenting persons
Obscene telephone calling is related to exhibitionism
Voyeurs are aroused by watching others
Frotteurism involves surreptitious physical contact 
Box 13.4 Frotteurism: First-person accounts 

Some Adults Are Sexually Attracted to Children 

Pedophilia and child molestation are not synonymous 
“Child molestation” is a behavioral and legal term 
Priests and others may molest children under their care 
Some organizations support “minor-attracted people” 

A Variety of Other Paraphilic Disorders Exist

Zoophiles are sexually attracted to animals
In necrophilia, nonresistance of the partner may be arousing
Sexual violence can be paraphilic
Box 13.5 Autoerotic Asphyxia

Sex Offenders Do Not Necessarily Repeat Their Offenses

There Are Numerous Theories of Paraphilic Disorders

Theories of Causation Have Suggested a Variety of Treatments

Conditioning is intended to change sexual desires
Cognitive therapy is aimed at preventing repeat offenses
The efficacy of psychological treatments is limited
Drug treatments interact with neurotransmitters or hormones
Castration is a treatment of last resort

Few “Kinks” Are Disorders