Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 12 Outline

There Is a Spectrum of Sexual Orientations 

Sexual Orientation Is Not an Isolated Trait
Box 12.1 Boys Will Be Girls

Diverse Theories Attempt to Explain Sexual Orientation

Freud proposed psychodynamic models
Sexual orientation has been attributed to socialization
Biological theories focus on prenatal hormones and genes
Box 12.2 Why Gay Genes?

The Gay Community Has Struggled for Equal Rights

The gay rights movement began in Germany
Box 12.3 Gay Martyrs
Gay rights are a global issue

Growing Up Gay Presents Challenges

Coming out is a lifelong process
Lesbians and gay men are well represented in certain occupations

Gay People Who Belong to Minorities Have Special Concerns

Gay Sex Has Its Own Style

Some same-sex couples differ in gender characteristics
Gay people aren’t all of a kind
Box 12.4 Beyond Gay and Straight
Some gay people are parents

Changing One’s Sexual Orientation Is Difficult or Impossible

Homophobia Has Multiple Roots

Cultural indoctrination transmits homophobia across generations
Gays are seen as rule breakers
Box 12.5 Born That Way? And Does It Matter?
Overcoming homophobia is a communal enterprise

Bisexual People Are Caught between Two Worlds

The prevalence of bisexuality depends on definitions
Bisexual people face prejudice
Lesbian, gay, straight, bi, other—more alike than different