Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 12 Learning Objectives

1. Describe the various sexual orientations and their frequencies in the general population.

Textbook Reference: There Is a Spectrum of Sexual Orientations

2. Using research evidence, describe some of the sex-atypical cognitive and personality traits observed in gay men and lesbians. Discuss to what degree this gender nonconformity is evident in childhood and is predictive of later sexual orientation.

Textbook Reference: Sexual Orientation Is Not an Isolated Trait

3. Compare and contrast the psychodynamic theory of sexual orientation with the biological theory. Weighing the evidence, discuss which has more research support.

Textbook Reference: Diverse Theories Attempt to Explain Sexual Orientation

4. Discuss the historical and current status of homosexuality and of the larger gay community, and cite some examples of rapid social change.

Textbook Reference: The Gay Community Has Struggled for Equal Rights

5. Describe the status of gay rights around the world.

Textbook Reference: The Gay Community Has Struggled for Equal Rights

6. Discuss the experiences and difficulties of pre-gay children and gay teens, and describe the stages of coming out.

Textbook Reference: Growing Up Gay Presents Challenges

7. Review some of the varieties of identities, sexual behavior, and sexual interactions that exist within the gay and lesbian communities.

Textbook Reference: Gay Sex Has Its Own Style

8. Give characteristics of a typical gay family, and describe the incidence and prevalence of gay families in the United States today. Discuss the ways gay people can become parents and the legal status of gay parenting.

Textbook Reference: Gay Sex Has Its Own Style

9. Review the multiple roots and theories that have been proposed to explain homophobia. Outline the consequences of homophobia, and describe methods by which it can be overcome.

Textbook Reference: Homophobia Has Multiple Roots

10. Provide a concise discussion of the research, practices, and prejudice associated with bisexuality.

Textbook Reference: Bisexual People Are Caught between Two Worlds