Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 11 Outline

In Young Adulthood, Conflicting Demands Influence Sexual Expression 

Most young men and women have only a few sex partners 
Dating relationships are short-lived 
Cohabitation is an increasingly prevalent lifestyle
Cohabitation has diverse meanings
Cohabitation does not harm a subsequent marriage

Marriage Takes Diverse Forms

The formalization of sexual unions has social and personal functions
Many societies have permitted polygamy
Box 11.1 Mormon Polygamy
Polyamory includes a variety of non-monogamous relationships

The Institution of Marriage Is Evolving

Companionate marriage makes the availability of divorce a necessity
Marriage is becoming a minority status
Relationship options have diversified

Most Long-Term Couples Are Satisfied with Their Sex Lives 

The frequency of sex declines over the course of long-term relationships
Marital satisfaction declines during middle age

A Variety of Factors Bring Relationships to an EnD

Box 11.2 You Know the Future of Your Marriage
Several demographic factors increase the
likelihood of a breakup
There are more personal reasons for breakups

Marital Disruption Can Have Negative and Positive Consequences

Divorced men and women can suffer psychological, physical, and economic damage
Divorce may be the start of a new life
Many divorced people remarry
Does marriage have a future?

Menopause Marks Women’s Transition to Infertility

Menopause may be caused by depletion of ova
Women may experience a decline in sexual function at menopause
Decreased hormone levels affect a woman’s physiology
Hormone therapy can reduce menopausal symptoms

Men’s Fertility Declines Gradually with Age

Old People Face Challenges to Their Sex Lives—Often Successfully

Aging is accompanied by physiological changes in the sexual response
Medical conditions, drugs, and social factors can impair the sexuality of older people
Old age may be a time for romance
Box 11.3 Seniors on Sex