Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 11 Learning Objectives

1. Describe the sexuality of the “average” young adult in terms of the number of partners and the choices surrounding sexual activity.

Textbook Reference: In Young Adulthood, Conflicting Demands Influence Sexual Expression

2. Discuss the factors that influence men and women to enter into nonmarital cohabitation, and describe the frequency and outcome of these types of relationships.

Textbook Reference: In Young Adulthood, Conflicting Demands Influence Sexual Expression

3. Describe, with examples from various cultures, different types of marriage.

Textbook Reference: Marriage Takes Diverse Forms

4. Describe the way the concept of marriage has changed recently and throughout history. Include a discussion of the emergence of companionate marriages, covenant marriages, domestic partnerships, and civil unions.

Textbook Reference: The Institution of Marriage Is Evolving

5. Discuss the frequency of different sexual behaviors and the degree of marriage satisfaction as people age. Describe the factors that appear to decrease marital satisfaction for men and women.

Textbook Reference: Most Long-Term Couples Are Satisfied with Their Sex Lives

6. Identify the variables that influence the end of a relationship, and outline how these relate to similarities and differences in the partners.

Textbook Reference: A Variety of Factors Bring Relationships to an End

7. Discuss the costs and benefits of a marital disruption, both from adults’ perspectives and from those of their children.

Textbook Reference: Marital Disruption Can Have Negative and Positive Consequences

8. Identify the physiological processes that may trigger menopause and some of its symptoms. Review the costs and benefits of menopausal hormone therapy for women at different ages and its effect on sexuality and general health.

Textbook Reference: Menopause Marks Women’s Transition to Infertility

9. Explain how a man’s sexuality and fertility change as he ages, and outline the benefits and risks associated with testosterone supplementation.

Textbook Reference: Men’s Fertility Declines Gradually with Age

10. Discuss the sexuality of the elderly, including the factors that reduce sexual behavior in older people and how these factors might be remedied.

Textbook Reference: Old People Face Challenges to Their Sex Lives—Often Successfully