Discovering Human Sexuality 4e Chapter 10 Outline

Some Forms of Childhood Sexual Expression Are Common

In contemporary Western culture, children are insulated from sex
Box 10.1 Talking with Children about Sex
Some children engage in solitary sexual activity
Sex with others can occur during childhood
Cultures vary in their attitudes toward childhood sexuality

Some Children Have Sexual Contacts with Adults

Most adult-child contacts involve older children and are single encounters
Some kinds of adult-child sex are more harmful than others
Strategies to prevent adult-child sex are quite effective
Box 10.2 Sex and Suggestibility

Preadolescence May Be Marked by an Increase in Sexual Interest

Preadolescent children segregate by sex
Strict gender norms may traumatize children who become gay or trans adults

Puberty Is a Period of Rapid Maturation

Puberty is marked by visible and invisible changes
Box 10.3 My First Period
Puberty occurs earlier in girls than boys
What drives puberty?
The body signals its readiness for puberty to the brain
Puberty may come too early or too late

Adolescence Is a Time of Sexual Exploration

Many cultures have puberty rites
There are social influences on teen sexual behavior
Box 10.4 Sex-ed—What Teens Say
Social media have risks and benefits
Males masturbate more than females
The sexual activity of American teens increased and then decreased
The meaning of “virginity loss” varies

Teen Sexuality Is Central to Identity Development

Teen relationships are often short-lived
Teen pregnancy is declining but is still too common