1. What influence(s) did the horse have on Indigenous Peoples of the Plains?
  2. What influence(s) did guns have on Indigenous Peoples of the Plains?
  3. What role did European disease play in the shifting power balance of Indigenous Peoples on the Plains?
  4. What factors initially kept the Niitsitapiikwan from active involvement in the western fur trade?
  5. What is pemmican and why did demand for it increase during the fur trade?
  6. How did the Athabascan trade affect the roles of women?
  7. How and why did the Hudson’s Bay Company come to control the fur trade by 1821?
  8. What was the basis for the ‘China clipper traffic’ between China and the Northwest Coast?
  9. Who was Muquinna and what is significant about the lavish potlatch he held in 1803?
  10. Who was Koyah and what factors led to death of his family?
  11. How did Indigenous settlement around coastal trade posts differ from that of the homeguards?
  12. What was the connection between greater levels of Indigenous control over the coastal trade and material wealth?
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