1. What were the causes of the Mesquakie (Fox)Wars?
  2. What is meant by the term “Mourning Wars”?
  3. In 1645, the Haudenosaunee attempted to negotiate peace. Why was it so difficult to finalize the short-lived peace treaty at this time?
  4. What is guerrilla warfare and how/why is it connected to the reputation gained by the Canadian Militia as feared “forest fighters”?
  5. Who were the Mesquakie people?
  6. What were the ramifications of the Mesquakie Wars for the Mesquakie people?
  7. Why did the Mi’kmaq adopt a European custom and formally declare war on the English?
  8. What type of bounty was placed on the Mi’kmaq?
  9. What made the Mi’kmaw War different from other European–Indigenous wars?
  10. Why was Louisbourg useful to Indigenous Peoples?
  11. What was the purpose of the Mascarene’s Treaty?
  12. What strategies of survival did the Mi’kmaq use after their defeat?
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