1. Idenitfy reasons the Wendat, Omamiwinini, and Innu were interested in aligning with the French.
  2. Who were “the People of the Rock”?
  3. Who were “the People of the Bear”?
  4. Identify factors that resulted in the downfall of the Wendat Confederacy?
  5. Why did the Council of Three Fires (Niswi-mishkodewinan) refuse to join the Wendat against the Haudenosaunee ?
  6. When the Haudenosaunee temporarily made peace with the Wendat Confederacy in 1624, what was their motive and what was the outcome?
  7. How was the fur trade affected by the fall of Wendake?
  8. What were the immediate impacts of the Hudson’s Bay Company on the Cree?
  9. What roles did the coureurs de bois and the homeguards play in the fur trade?
  10. What roles did women play in the fur trade?
  11. What strategies did Indigenous Peoples use to play the English and the French against each other in the fur trade?
  12. What was the pays d’en haut?
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