1. Who was Donnakoh-Noh, and why was he important?
  2. What and where were Stadakohna and Hochelaga?
  3. What is believed to be the fate of the St Lawrence Iroquoians?
  4. How did the Innu come to control the early fur trade and where was the trade centred?
  5. Who benefited from the fur trade when it shifted westward from the 1630s to the 1640s?
  6. What were French views on Indigenous Peoples’ ownership of land?
  7. What were the benefits and costs to Indigenous Peoples as a result of the English–French rivalry in North America?
  8. What were the short- and long-term results of European contact for the Wabanaki?
  9. What strategies did the French use to maintain alliance with Indigenous Peoples in New France? Were they successful?
  10. How did the Wabanaki and Mi’kmaq view the British and the French?
  11. Who were the “People of the Sunrise”?
  12. Who was Pidiwamiska and why was she important?
  13. What are wampum belts and what were they used for?
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