1. What evidence exists to suggest that there was contact between Asian societies and Indigenous societies prior to any contact with Europeans?

2. How does Albert Memmi’s ideas about settler colonialism connect to North American history?

3. Why did the Norse not remain in North America?

4. Where did first contact with Europeans take place in the Americas and what groups of people were involved?

5. What two ancestor groups preceded the ‘modern’ Inuit of the Arctic (in order of appearance)?

6. During this period, what were the activities which promoted more sustained contact between Indigenous Peoples of eastern Arctic and Europeans; secondly, what European groups were involved?

7. What was the primary reason for the lack of sustained contact in the Arctic region?

8. What is the Columbian Exchange? Provide some examples of this exchange.

9. What was the result of contact for the Beothuk?

10. How did the Spanish and French invasion of North American Indigenous lands support their respective economic systems?

11. What led the beaver to be so heavily trapped in Europe that its fur was sought from North America?

12. At contact, what meanings did trade have within Indigenous cultures?

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