1. How many outstanding specific claims remained unresolved by the end of the twentieth century?
  2. What is the history of the Lubicon Cree Band claims?
  3. What circumstances led to the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement and what were the highlights of this agreement?
  4. How has the push for resources affected various northern First Nations such as Grassy Narrows First Nation?
  5. Why was the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry struck and what was the result of this inquiry?
  6. What were the circumstances surrounding the “Native Peoples Caravan” and what is significant about this event?
  7. What were the reasons behind the constitutional conferences that were set out after the constitutional patriation took place in 1982? What were the results of these conferences?
  8. What was the Penner Report and what was significant about its recommendations?
  9. Who is Elijah Harper and what is his association with the Meech Lake Accord?
  10. What was the importance of the Cree–Naskapi Act of Quebec in 1984?
  11. Why was the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) created? What was its mandate and what was the result of this Commission?
  12. Why is the land claim process in British Columbia so complex?
  13. Why is the Nisga’a Agreement so important?
  14. What was the First Nations Governance Act and how did First Nations view its provisions?
  15. What was the Kelowna Accord and what was its outcome?
  16. What has been Canada’s approach to self-government negotiations since RCAP?
  17. What key promises weremade by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and how would their fulfillment move the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the federal government forward?
  18. What are the new names for the former Ministry of Indigenous and Northern Affairs?
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