1. What was the pass system and why was it implemented?
  2. What was scrip and how was it issued?
  3. Why did some Métis not want to take treaty?
  4. What is the significance of the Daniels v. Canada decision?
  5. Why were earlier schools, such as those run by the New England Company, not successful?
  6. Why did the Canadian government prefer residential schools to day schools?
  7. What was the Longhouse religion?
  8. What were two key reasons behind the failure of industrial schools?
  9. What types of resistance did parents and students participate in when challenging the industrial schools?
  10. How did the right to choose a chief evolve as a policy?
  11. How did officials get around rules restricting Indigenous land surrenders?
  12. Why was the Joint Commission for the Settlement of Indian Reserves in the Province of British Columbia established and what was the result of this Commission?
  13. Why did World War I result in a push for the surrender of Indian reserve lands?
  14. What was the League of Indians and who was the founder of this organization?
  15. What improvements for Indigenous Peoples were proposed by Frederick Ogilvie Loft and what was the result of his efforts?
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