1. Why did Canada want to negotiate the numbered treaties?
  2. Why did Indigenous Peoples want to negotiate the numbered treaties?
  3. What oral promises from Treaties One and Two did not make it into the written draft of treaty provisions?
  4. Why were the North-West Mounted Police created and what was its role in western Canada?
  5. What were “wolfers” and why were they despised by Nakoda and Plains Nehiyaw peoples?
  6. After the Battle of Little Big Horn, and coming to Canada with his followers, why was Tȟatȟaƞka Íyotake (Sitting Bull) forced to return to the U.S.?
  7. What are two significant treaty provisions negotiated in Treaty Six?
  8. In the consolidation of the previous legislation into the Indian Act of 1876, what older provisions remained and what changed?
  9. What is a potlatch and why did the Canadian government take the position to abolish it?
  10. What was the Indian Advancement Act and what was the intent of this legislation?
  11. What type of powers did federal officials hold over band councils?
  12. What was the Electoral Franchise Bill and why was it so heavily opposed by non-Indigenous people?
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