1. What did the “White man’s burden” refer to?
  2. What were the main findings of the Bagot Commission?
  3. How was an “Indian” defined under the terms of the 1850 Act for the Better Protection of the Lands and Property of the Indians in Lower Canada?
  4. What is a status Indian?
  5. What is a non-status Indian?
  6. Why was the 1857 Gradual Civilization Act not successful?
  7. What events led to the Michipicoten War?
  8. What was the pattern of treaty-signing that developed after the 1763 Royal Proclamation?
  9. Why was the legal category of wardship applied to Indigenous Peoples?
  10. What is meant by the phrase “marrying out”?
  11. Why is the “Fraser River War” ill-named?
  12. On what basis was Riel able to proclaim a provisional government in Red River?
  13. What was the result of the troops arriving in Red River ahead of the newly appointed lieutenant-governor for Manitoba?
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