1. What issues were caused for Indigenous Peoples with the establishment of the Selkirk Colony in 1812?
  2. What role did Chief Peguis play toward settling tensions in the Red River region?
  3. What ideas concerning Indigenous Peoples were dominating British civil administration by 1830?
  4. What was the purpose of model villages?
  5. Who was Kahkewaquonaby (Peter Jones) and what did he fight for?
  6. Who was Sir Francis Bond Head and what was his position on “Indian” policy?
  7. What was the Saugeen Tract and what was the outcome for the Ojibwe?
  8. What was the impact of the Grand River Navigation Company’s scheme on Haudenosaunee lands?
  9. How did whaling activities impact the Inuit?
  10. What policy did the British apply to Mi’kmaq lands?
  11. What happened to squatters who infringed upon Mi’kmaq reserve lands?
  12. What was it that kept First Nations from losing virtually all of their land in New Brunswick?
  13. What circumstances led to the religious movement led by Abishabis?
  14. Why did some prairie groups decide to take up agriculture?
  15. What was James Douglas’s “Indian land” policy?
  16. What is meant by “gunboat diplomacy”?
  17. What was the cause of the Gitxsan unrest?
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